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Crown Line Steam Iron SI-144


Crownline SI-144 Dynamic-I electronic steam iron offers plenty of comfort in a sleek design. The handle is ergonomically shaped for easy ironing, and a small display on the top of the chrome-plated handle hides the temperature of the iron. For this purpose, only one keystroke is needed. You choose between 5 different textile types, the iron adjusts the temperature and shows it on the display. Turning the wheel is not necessary. The Beam Dynamic-I irons with a power consumption of 2000 watts. The constant amount of steam is a maximum of 40 grams per minute and can be regulated. For stubborn wrinkles, the Crownline SI-144 Dynamic-I produces an extra-strong shot of steam of a staggering 90 grams per minute. The same applies to the vertical steam. Very convenient and calming is the automatic shutdown. After one hour, the unit turns off after a beep sounds. Last but not least, the smart Beam Dynamic-I cleans itself.


• The adjustable steam control function
• Anti-drip function • Stainless steel soleplate design
• Spraying function • Self-cleaning function
• Motion sensor function • LMD display
• Electronic control temperature
• Voltage: 220-240V • Frequency: 50/60Hz
• Power: 2000W
• 1.8m Cotton braided cord

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