Make your outdoor cleaning easier with the best pressure washer from Crownline. This product has been designed to deliver convenience by adding a no-power hot water (up to 45°C) washer to your list. The pressure washer comes with an adjustable spray nozzle to make your washing and cleaning ventures easier.

The pressure washer can be charged within a few hours with a USB charger and can be used for 12 minutes straight. The inbuilt battery can also be used to heat up water up to 45°C. It can also deliver an adjustable pressure and comes with a 6-m long durable hose. The spray speed can be adjusted from soft to powerful according to your need.

The capacity of the water tank is 20 liters. It is a multipurpose pressure washer that can be used to wash cars, equipment, floors, etc. The pressure of the stream can easily clean hidden grime within tiles, stone slabs, and other tricky corners. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The pressure washer also comes with a control panel and is portable. The chargeable battery lets you use it for a long easy-washing experience. Get the best pressure washer from our collection and make your cleaning ventures convenient.