Welcome to the universe of Crownline where you will find an exclusive set of travel kit for a vacation. For small getaways, you will find everything required in this kit. Every appliance in this travel kit has been specifically designed to deliver the best service.

You will find a mini jump starter in the travel kit that can deliver life to your discharged battery. You will not have to worry about jumping your car battery anymore when you have this starter packed in your car.

The other set of the travel kit contains the specific kitchen and home appliances that you need daily on a daily basis.  For instance, you will find an electric kettle, an iron, a hair dryer, and cups. All these items can be easily packed and carried. Every appliance comes with an easy control panel for hassle-free operation.

This travel kit contains appliances that lets you make hot beverages. So, get ready for destination hopping with this iron and hair dryer, and add convenience to your stay. Every appliance is lightweight and will not add extra weight of your luggage.

Add this travel kit to your shopping list and make your traveling experience smoother!