What if you can carry an air conditioner and adjust it to a particular place in your room? What if there is no space for installing an air conditioner in a compact room? This is where you can bring a portable air conditioner home. Crownline presents the best collection of portable air conditioners perfectly fit for living rooms, commercial spaces, studio apartments, and other compact spaces.

The innovative design allows you to fit the exhaust kit on a window perfectly. You can easily change it on your own and take the portable air conditioner to a different room without any hassle. Every portable air conditioner comes with remote control and an easy control panel for manual settings.

Check the area you need to cool down and find the best portable air conditioner. All these air conditioners have the latest cooling technology that can cool down a compact space within a few minutes. The energy rating of our portable air conditioner is amusing. You can save on energy bills as the air conditioners come with an auto-cut function.

Use it as a fan when air conditioning is not needed. Bring home the most efficient portable air conditioner home and enjoy the hot summery days!