Need quick ice for a refreshing drink? Crownline presents the most popular choice of the households to make instant ice. Our ice maker has excellent capabilities of making two different kinds of ice cubes. It has an easy control panel to operate and to make ice very quickly.

It comes with a transparent window panel to check whether the ice is done or not. The ice maker is quite handy and it can be set in any corner of the kitchen top. You can also set it outside when you are hanging out with friends. The compressor of the ice maker is CFC-free and is completely safe for the environment. It can produce as much as 12 kg of ice in a day.

The design of the ice maker does not require any drainage or plumbing system to carry out water. Hence, you can set it anywhere in your home and make instant ice.

Check the models in our collection and find the right ice maker as per your requirement. Make ice within 10 minutes and serve refreshing drinks to beat the heat. Get this unique and compact ice maker today and serve chilled drinks to your family and friends anytime you want.