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Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle KT-209

Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle KT-209

Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle KT-209

KT-209 Crownline Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle with 1.7 Liter capacity.

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Quickly boil up to 1.8 L. of water with this powerful Crownline KT-209 Cordless Kettle. Ideal for the discerning tea or coffee drinker, the cordless kettle features preset temperature settings to ensure optimal flavor and aroma extraction when brewing coffee or green, black, or white tea. The kettle provides an extra-large LCD display and simple push-button controls for easy operation, and it will shut off automatically when the water reaches the pre-set temperature (or if the kettle is empty). The kettle’s lid opens at the touch of a button, and the amount of water inside is clear to see thanks to its extra-large water window. Even more, KT – 209 kettles can be lifted off their 360-degree rotational power base for cord-free pouring and easily placed back onto the base from any angle. Its anti-scale filter ensures a clean kettle and freshwater for great-tasting beverages. Two buttons to adjust the temperature from 40 – 90 °C and a dedicated Button Set the temperature of 45° C for reconstituting powdered milk.


  • Stainless steel body
  • Maximum capacity: 1.8L
  • Intelligent electronic temperature control with a display screen
  • Multi-button control panel
  • Automatic keep warm to 85℃ when water boiled
  • Two buttons to adjust the temperature from 40 – 90°C
  • Set the temperature of 45°C for reconstituting powdered milk
  • Dry heating protection
  • 360°Cordless detachable power base
  • Operating voltage: 220 – 240V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power: 1850 – 2200W

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