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Crownline Stir Fryer SF-203


The Automatic IH Stir-fryer is equipped with 6 preset cooking modes, namely “Pan-Fry”, “Stir-Fry”, “Stew”, “Rice”, “Glutinous Rice” and “Manual” which, combines with 7-level temperature settings (ranging from 65°C to 200°C), empower you to prepare international cuisines at optimal cooking temperature and time.

The 2000W potent power enables rapid heat dispersion and transmission so that it only takes a few minutes* to prepare a delectable dish. *Depends on the type and quantity of food.

The revolutionary 360° self-rotating function remedies the inadequacy of spatula frying and can thoroughly mix the sauce, seasoning and ingredients.

Key Benefits of Induction Efficient and quick heating Accurate, repeatable heating, Safe heating as there is no flame

Powerful Heat Convection: The Spherical Inner Pot seamlessly complements IH heating so that rapid, multidimensional heating is achieved. The cuisine will be exquisite with a tender texture and mouthwatering sensation.

Deep Inner Pot Design: The deep spherical pot prevents hot oil from spilling out of the pot. Not only does it reduce the chance of injury, it also helps trap the flavor of your food

Selected Refined Steel: The inner pot is made of ultra-durable steel used in the auto industry, it has 30% more heat conducting capacity than stainless steel. It constitutes robust durability and energy efficiency.

6L Ultra-large Inner Pot: The colossal inner pot capacity helps to conveniently prepare the most flavorful dishes for the entire family and your valued guests.

Non-stick Teflon Coating: The non-stick Teflon coating ensures that even under high-temperature cooking, food residues will easily be loosen up with the help of a scoop.


  • IH electromagnetic heating
  •  Efficient and quick heating
  •  360° Rotating Device
  •  Microcomputer control
  •  Adjustable temperature control
  •  Adjust gear position, 3 position pot adjustment
  •  Voltage 220 – 240V
  •  Frequency 50 Hz
  •  Power 2000W
  •  Capacity: 6L capacity
  •  Net Weight: 7.5KG
  •  Product Size: 310 × 370 x 365mm

Instruction Manual (English)

Instruction Manual (Arabic)



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