Crownline Air Purifier – AP-155 [DISCONTINUED]

Crownline Air Purifier – AP-155 [DISCONTINUED]

AP-155 Crownline Air Purifier with 300(M3/H) Air flow volume

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The Crownline AP-155 Air Purifier is a smart and easy to operate appliance that helps purify the air to perfection. It uses high-quality filtration system that attacks the allergens in air and eliminates them. The lightweight design of this purifier offers convenient portability so you can move it around with ease. It has a remote control as well as an access control panel that allows changing the fan speed, setting a timer and switching operation modes. A built-in air quality sensor helps in detecting the purity of air to indicate or switch automatically to a fan speed to cleanse it. Crownline AP-155 Air Purifier converts your home or office interiors into a breathable space. It eliminates allergens, pollens, bacteria and dust particles from the air. It uses an innovative filtration system that attracts these impurities and removes them efficiently. There is an air quality sensor that detects the level of pollution in the room and switches to an appropriate setting when on auto mode. You can also manually tune into one of the four-speed settings as per your requirement. Per hour it can generate a 300 m3 airflow suited for general operations.


• Four-speed settings
• 12-hour timer
• Filter replacement reminder
• Sleeping mode
• Air quality sensor
• Manual and auto operations mode
• Airflow vol (m3/h) 300
• Power: 45W
• Operating voltage: 220-240V
• Frequency: 50Hz
• With remote control


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