Crownline AO-156 Air wave Oven

Crownline AO-156 Air wave Oven

AO-156 Crownline Airwave Oven with 14L capacity

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Stay fit and healthy without giving up on your favorite food with Crownline AO-156 AirWave Oven. Relish lip-smacking dishes like fried chicken, pizza, wings, and ribs sans the extra oil. This Air Way Oven is an indispensable kitchen appliance as it does a marvelous job by offering a variety of cooking modes. The large capacity of the Air-Way Oven makes it perfect for large family gatherings or parties too. This oven with its halogen heating element and convection system makes cooking easy and quick. Sleek and elegant, this offering by Crownline sits pretty over your kitchen top too. Gorge on your favorite food without going on a guilt trip about the excess oil intake. The Airway Oven lets you enjoy dishes in an oil-free way and keeps you healthy. So go ahead and eat those chicken wings and tempting pizzas and still be fit and healthy. Crownline AO-156 Air Way Oven is suitable for air frying, baking, grilling, roasting, and skewering. With such a wide range of cooking modes at your fingertips, you can delight one and all with your culinary skills. Cook like professionals with the help of Crownline AO-156 AirWave Oven.

• Fashionable design with plastic outlook
• Halogen heating element with
convection system on top
• Transparent PC cover for easy
cooking view
• 12 inches diameter inner bowl with
non-stick coating
• Cool touch the inner bowl and easy for
• The innovative horizontal rotation system
• Voltage: 220-240V
• Frequency: 50/60Hz
• Capacity: 14l capacity
• Power: 1200W
• Digital display

1. 2 in 1Cooking Rack 2. Grill Pan
3. Shaft 4. Chicken Rack
5. Cage 6. Skewers


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